SMM, Community, and Growth



"SMM, Community, and Growth" is responsible for growth of the usage of POA products.

Main pillars of growth:

- social media marketing

- content creation

- direct work with community

- events


a. Twitter of POA (main account) xDai Stable Chain (second) BlockScout (product) TokenBridge (product) Kovan Testnet (product)

b. Reddit We are missing subreddits for products xDai Stable Chain, BlockScout, TokenBridge, Kovan,

c. Newsletters : a monthly newsletter cross posted to the forum , an event based newsletter like listing on new exchanges cross posted to the forum

d. Telegram announcement group

Content creation:

a. announcement of partnerships, e.g. POA and MakerDAO on xDai Chain

b. announcements of grants

follow ups with grant applicants, posting updates and success stories

c. announcement of sponsorship of hackathons

follow up with winners, posting updates and success stories, e.g.,

Direct work with community

a. Telegram chat of POA and xDai (5900 members)

b. Discord community of POA, xDai (573 members). Engagement with community

c. Organizing AMA (ask me anything)


a. Presenting POA on Events

b. Getting speaking slots for POA team members


- fluent English

- high motivation to learn new technologies

- high communication skills

- always online

- be comfortable with remote work


- Remote work with potential relocation to Europe

- Compensation in crypto or fiat

- Coworking membership in your location

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