Product Manager - Infrastructure



"Product manager - Infrastructure" is responsible for operations of the deployed product by POA team:

- planning, coordinating, executing protocol upgrades (example: and maintenance updates (example: on supported networks. Be responsible for the teamwork in distributed and decentralized setting on public networks (example:

- coordinating security incidents mitigation and red alerts research (example:

- planning, coordinating, executing updates of TokenBridge oracle and monitoring services (, participating in governance of bridges, e.g. changing permission within multisigs, adding or removing co-signers on multisigs

- working with devops and R&D team on protocol updates for new products, such as POSDAO upgrade for xDai Stable Chain

- Keeping test suits up to date, e.g. POA Test Setup and POSDAO Test Setup updated with protocol updates and changes in governance and staking dapps

- communication with core developers of Parity and Nethermind regarding issues on the network and implementation of new features, e.g., check out a proposal for the implementation of POA and POSDAO in Nethermind

- communicating with POA's partners on usage of POA products


Supported networks: POA Core, POA Sokol (testnet), xDai Stable Chain, Kovan (testnet)

Bridges: POA20 Bridge (native to erc20), xDai Bridge(erc2 to native), DPOS bridge (erc20 to erc20), WETC Bridge (native to erc20)


- strong knowledge of Ethereum protocol

- working experience with Solidity

- working experience with NodeJS

- devops skills

- team language is English both writing and speaking

- 24h/7d availability during security incidents or protocol updates


- Remote work with potential relocation to Europe

- Compensation in crypto or fiat

- Coworking membership in your location

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